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Engine Decontamination Treatment


Restore your Engine’s performance, Improve your cars driveability and save fuel!


Remember the smile on your face when you drove your car for the first time?

EDT can give you that smile back again after we have treated your car.

With your engine performance and driveability improved, more responsive power delivery, and smoother, quieter running, your vehicle will feel as good as new.

EDT are established nationally in the automotive trade and are known for

The duel fuel machine heats formulated soya-based oil to 42 degrees, prior to dispensing several litres of solution though the engines oil galleries and journals. The solution is pressurised to 40 PSI and pulsed in to the engine through the oil filter housing. It then takes the same route as the oil through the oil galleries to assist the breakdown of any unwanted debris.

The process has 3 cycles, with 3 sub cycles. The first circulates solution through the engine oil ways and galleries. The second is a soak cycle. The third is a recovery cycle. The complete process takes less than fifteen minutes in-situ and the effect, even on wellmaintained vehicles, is to allow the new oil to maximise its performance, reducing the engines co-efficient of friction.

The Engine Decontamination Machine, has been manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout the World for over 20 years. Since August 2013 our product has been available in the UK. Our machine carries out a unique engineering process that removes all the sludge, varnish and debris that builds up in the engine. Improving the engine’s coefficient of friction allows the new oil to perform to its maximum capabilities. This then has a positive impact on fuel economy, CO emissions, engine performance and drivability.

Our machine is fully automated and once connected takes less than fifteen minutes to complete the treatment. It operates using a bespoke, environmentally-friendly, bio-fuel, white food grade oil.

We currently have experienced average emission reductions of 58% on CO and 81% on hydrocarbons, as of September 2014. Together with many testimonials on the enhanced performance and drivability after an Engine Decontamination Treatment (EDT) has been carried out.

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You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uik35akn4mE 


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